​Logo-Works, Inc.

Setup/Screen Fee

$25.00 per color



What is your maximum print area?

The maximum printing area is measured as width’’ x height’’ and may vary depending on the size of the product. The maximum print areas are as follows:
Adult T-Shirts, S-5X: Front – 14’’ x 17’’, Back – 14’’ x 17’’
Youth T-Shirts, YS-YXL: Front – 8’’ x 10’’, Back – 8’’ x 10’’
Baby and Toddler Shirts, 0-4T: Front – 6’’ x 8’’, Back – 6’’ x 8’’
Adult Hoodies: Front – 14’’ x 8’’, Back – 14’’ x 17’’
Youth Hoodies: Front – 8’’ x 5’’, Back – 8’’ x 10’’
Pants: Front – 4.5’’ x 5’’, Back – 11’’ x 5’’, Leg – 4’’ x 14’’

What is the maximum number of colors you can print with screen printing?
We can print up to six colors on light t-shirts (white, grey, yellow, pink, etc.) and five on dark shirts (black, red, dark blue, green, etc.).

Can you print over seams and off the edges of the shirt?

Do you charge a setup/screen fee?
$25 per color

How do you determine pricing?
Our pricing is based on the apparel you select, how many items you print, how many colors of ink are used, and how many locations you print (meaning if you print on the front only or on the front and back or sleeve).

Can I print on a variety of items like t-shirts, sweatshirts, bandanas, bags and in a variety of colors?
Yes, as long as the artwork and size of the artwork are the same on all items. We can print in a variety of colors as long as the inks you select work on all colors of products selected. There may be additional ink fees for switching colors between products. We do not screen print on hats.

Will you allow the same screen to be used for multiple colors? For example if I had a single color design and wanted it printed with white ink on a dark shirt, could that same screen be used for a dark print on a light shirt?
If it is possible, yes. Keep in mind that a design that is set up to print in black ink may not print with white ink. It all depends on how the artwork is set up. You will be charged a $25.00 ink change charge per color change.

What is an underbase?
When printing on a dark t-shirt (black, red, green, etc.) a layer of white ink is printed under the artwork. This acts as a kind of primer for the rest of the colors on top. Without the underbase, red ink, for example, would be very dark and hard to see on a black shirt. With the white ink under it, the red ink will be closer to the desired red color. When an underbase is required, the printing cost will reflect this as an additional color/screen.

Do you offer sleeve printing?
Yes, we do. The sleeve printing size can be no larger than 3.5’’ x 14’’.

Do you offer tag area printing?
No we do not.

Do you print single or sample shirts?
No. Because of the time it takes to prepare for the screen printing process, our minimum is strictly 12 items. When placing an order, it’s best to order a few more instead of not enough.

Do you offer a proof of what the item will look like printed?
Yes. We provide a digital mock-up of what your item will look like via email that you can then approve before we go to print. If we create the artwork for you, you will have an opportunity to proof the art prior to production. Customers should carefully review their graphics and pay particular attention to spelling if the graphic incorporates words. If printed colors are critical to your project, we recommend you verify your chosen colors against a Pantone® book. If you compare proofs to a printed page or computer screen, the exact colors can’t be guaranteed.

Once the customer approves the artwork, Logo-Works, Inc., will not be held responsible should the order be completed and later found to have errors due to spelling or other issues if the final product’s graphic matches the customer-approved art.

Customers are ultimately responsible for ensuring their artwork is correct prior to order production. When customers submit their own artwork for an order, the artwork will be considered to have been proofed once submitted to us. If artwork submitted is still in draft form, the customer must make us aware that the art provided is not the final artwork for the order, and the order will go on hold until final artwork is approved.

Do you match Pantones?
Pantone colors are industry standards. Because of this, we prefer provided artwork to call out specific Pantone colors if the exact color is important to you. Customers who do not specify a specific Pantone color are subject to our color matching with what we see on screen.

If we don’t have a specific Pantone color you need in your design—and you require it to be a specific Pantone—we may charge you an additional $10 mixing fee. Please note that color matching is not guaranteed to perfectly match due to a large number of variables which affect color matching. We will make every effort to match your color as close as possible.

How do I place an order?
All orders can be placed directly through email at mpettlogoworks@sbcglobal.net or by phone at (920) 568-3843.

Can you match my previous order?
If you are re-ordering shirts and you need them to look exactly like your previous order, it is highly advised you provide us with an actual shirt from that order. We don’t keep files of every shirt we print, so without an example of the previous order, there is no guarantee that the new shirt will match perfectly.